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Bestseller Andrew Reynolds Book

Who is Andrew Reynolds?

Andrew Reynolds is a self-made Millionaire at the age of 45 years after starting a small business in his spare room at home - and became a Multi-Millionaire by the time he was 50 years of age. Dream of Making Millions from your spare room?

How old is Andrew Reynolds?

So, how old is Andrew Reynolds to be a self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur? Mr. Andrew Reynolds was born on October 1956. As of today 2021, Andrew is 65 years of age.

The Sunday Times Business BestSeller
 Andrew is the author of the Sunday Times 
   Business Bestseller Copy This Idea. The  
  man behind cash on demand system and 

what is copy this idea?

Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds Books is about ...

How to Kick start your way to making... big money from your laptop .. at home, on the beach or anywhere you choose.

The rise of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and now smartwatches) are drastically changing the way we interact and thus make money.

There is a clear shift taking place. We are at the start of something massive... SOMETHING UNSTOPPABLE!

If you don't make your move now, you will miss out on one of the biggest financial waves the world has ever seen. The chance you have here is really unparalleled.

Here is a quote by Mr Henry Ford..."Whether You Think You Can or You Can't... Either Way You are Right!"

The people who try to fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.

The Gateway to success is a directional and extremely way to help you imagine and think about something you would like to be or achieve in this competitive global world.

It is also a way to make you have or be something especially one that seems difficult to achieve.

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It's Not Just About The Money

How would you define real success in life? In the minds of many people, success means the making of a great deal of money or achieving fame and recognition.

But haven't we all known people, who, possessing a great deal of money, fame or both, that are failures?

And haven't we all see people with little money who are great successes?

The principles of true success are these:

  • Do you know what is important to you?
  • Do you have vision and wisdom?
  • Are you developing your spiritual life?
  • Are you making one step at a time?
  • Do you have focus and concentration?

Copy this idea book
   Andrew Reynolds Review  
Copy this idea ebook
  Andrew Reynolds Proven Money Making System 

If money comes to you along with all these values, that is good. Having Desire, Goal setting and proper planning is what you should really focus on.

And the next logical question is, how do you go about doing this?

First, desire tosucceed, set a goal for yourself. And make a proper plan towards actualizing your dream.

This may not be easy, but the rewards of living by specific values in your life are enormous and gratifying.

Based on my experience as a reseacher and communicator, Ihave discovered that...The Gateway to Success...

When carefully and diligently applied, will bring happiness, satisfaction and success to any man or woman regardedless of age or circumstances.

Copy someone else's business idea is the fastest way to success!

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Have YOU ever dreamed of escaping the 9 to 5 Rat Race? Or working part time at home just a few hours a week, yet making MORE MONEY in a MONTH then you make in a whole year now?

Or starting on a shoestring and going on to bank your first £/$/€million? Or having the FREEDOM and the MONEY to live the life you truly want and deserve?

Follow in the footsteps of this ordinary down to earth guy who actually did just that. Andrew Raynolds gave up his job and starting in his spare room at home, became a multi-millionaire despite having never done anything like this before.

Now for the first time in thi sbook, Andrew will show you how YOU CAn COPY his PROVEN MONEY-MAKING SYSTEM, and willeven send you a FREE BOOK COPY THIS IDEA to try at home.

Copy This Idea | Copy This Idea Book & Andrew Reynolds


The Copy This Idea Book contains the following....

Preface It's Not Just About the Money ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... vii
1 The First Million ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1
2 A Kick-Start ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 21
3 Stack the Deck in Your Favour ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 31
4 What Sells Best - and How I Make My Money ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 55
5 Where to Get Ready-made Products to Sell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 75
6 How to Get from Making a Few Hundred Pounds to Banking Your First Million 95
7 Low-cost Ways to Get New Customers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 113
8 The Fast Track        ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 133
9 If You Want to Get Rich - Copy the Rich Bloke ... ... ... ... ... ... 153
10 Let's Get Started Today ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 175
About Andrew Reynolds ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 183

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AMAZING. How Andrew Raynolds buy something for £/$/€5, just like he showed everybody, and sell it for £/$/€50... or buy something for £/$/€50 and sell it for almost £/$/€2000 ... working from his kitchen table at home.

Even though he've never done anything like this in his life, he have pulled in over £/$/€1 million so far.

In this Copy This Idea FREE BOOK, Andrew Reynolds will show you the money-making system he uses and how YOU CAN copy his way of making these huge profits for yourself ifyou wish.

A quick word of caution: When the money starts rolling in... Never ever take advice on business from an accountant or bank manager. Accountants keep counts of your money - many of them actually don't know how to make money!

You may honestly don't understand accounts and, despite what they teach you in business books (not copy this idea books), you do not need a deep understanding of how to manipulate numbers.

You simply need to find someone who has a great way of making money ... do all you can tolearn what he or she does... and see if you are able to copy what they do for yourself.

We're NOT talking about wholesale ripping off of somebody's products goods and selling pirate copies. That's simply ILLEGAL.

However, in the Copy This Idea BOOK, Andrew Reynolds will share with you a system that he use (and that many of his successful students use too) to make lot of money without working full time, without running a large corporate-style business, and without having to know the intricacies of accounts.

All the time you're working for someone else - You always had a gut feeling that someone somewhere knew a better way to live - a better way to earn money so that they had more freedom, more time tothemselves, more time for what's important in life.

Used to dream about not being rudely awoken by the alarm clock every morning, about not having to catch public transport or drive for hours and, most of all, about having enough money so you could pay off your debts and have your freedom.

Does Andrew Reynolds system work?

Copy this idea book is the equivalent of Andrew Reynolds going to United States of Amercia (USA) to attend Bill Myers seminar over 15 years, to hear how Bill talking on a stage and sharing the ways he made money working at home.

Andrew did not expect to learn every single thing Bill Myers did, in the time he had on stage - just as it would be impossible to lay absolutely every single little minute detail of his business out in the copy this idea book.

But Andrew learned enough from what he saw on stage back then to get him thinking... to give him some great ideas he could copy... and to get started. That's what copy this idea andrew reynolds free pdf book will do for you.

Copy this idea free book will give you a kick-start. The book will show you what Andrew did - explain the basics of the business so you will know not just what works, but also what to avoid.

Here is a lists of must must read - books & magazines of other people's ideas. They're brilliantly presented "how-to" guide for people who really want to change things.

Copy this idea book review
   Andrew Reynolds
Cash on Demand
Copy this idea scam
   Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneur   


Are you driving the car of your dreams? Or at least a much better one? Did you move to a bigger and better home? Did you go on a few exotic holidays? Do you now work for yourself making your living from just your laptop?

As you'll be only too aware now that unbelievably another year is drawing to a close. It's crazy how quickly time goes. It just seems like a few weeks ago we were ushering in 2021 and already we are almost into 2022.

What have you actually done in the last 12 months to change the course of your life? Be honest with yourself.

Look at your surroundings - where you are right now. Just look for 30 seconds. Then go look at yourself in the mirror.


Or isn't anything really that much different? Other than you are a year older of course. In fact, are you even an inch closer to your dreams than you were a year ago?

The sad truth for the overwhelming majority of people is that absolutely NOTHING has really changed in their lives. They are stuck in the same life. But is it any wonder?

Your life could have been so different right now to the life you led 12 months ago - it was all in your hands. But if you don't change the pattern of your life, nothing will ever change for you.



Not really. Yes you may read a lot about success and wealth for example, but reading about these things isn't going to change your life any more than if you had spent the last year reading classics such as Robinson Crusoe or Around the World in 80 Days.

So if your life hasn't changed in the last 12 months - if it hasn't bought you any closer to your dream lifestyle - isn't it probably true that you are pretty much taking the same actions (or inactions) as you always have been?

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Copying is incredibly useful (especially successful people) - it's quick, it's easy and it gets results.

Making the same mistakes? Doing things the same way?

Little wonder then why your life remains static. But let's think about this. You are repeating the same pattern day in day out, month after month, and you have been doing so since December 2020.

So is it any wonder that your life is to all intents and purposes is the same in December 2021 as it was a year ago? Is it any wonder that December 2022 will be no different either.

Look around you now where you are sitting, close your eyes for a few seconds, open them and look around again. Notice anything?

Well what you're looking at is your future a year from today if you repeat what you're doing.


This is where you'll be 12 months hence. Now if you don't like what you see, don't like how you feel about that, then you really have to do something different.

Otherwise you simply CANNOT have a life any different than the one you are living and breathing right now.


But remember, as I said at the start whatever you do, whether you copy this idea or any of the other ideas, please DON'T remain as you are now.

You absolutely have to CHANGE THE PATTERN OF YOUR LIFE if you want your life to be any different. If you don't start changing what you are doing day to day, you WILL find yourself in exactly the same place this time next year.

Please don't waste any more time. Take a good hard look at yourself and at your surroundings. Is this it? Is this everything for you?

If what you see - how you feel - dissatisfies you, stop repeating the same life pattern. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will just get the same results.

Now I know that you know this already, so listen to yourself even if you don't want to listen to me.

Yes it can be difficult to break away, but I promise you that when you do, a whole new life will open up before you.

We Like Copy This Idea Free...
But We don't like all!

As human beings, we think copy this idea for free is good. Why?

Any population of a social species like ours, who have the ability of individuals to learn (copy) from those around them, has a number of advantages over one in which copying is not so developed.

It allows individuals to outsource all kinds of cognitive activity to those around them. From where the food is, to what's good to eat.

When it comes to people who copy, that is when the confusion feelings around copying start to become even clearer. We don't like copiers, at all.

Some of us grew up preventing our school friends copying our work by judicious use of an extended arm and elbow (while simultaneously peering as well as we could at their answers).

Today's technology makes it much easier for students to copy the work of others. Indeed, amny educationalists underline the importance of group and peer learning as methods to drive up learning in any group of students.

At the sametime, academics and school teachers have both had to find text-checking software to check for plagiarism (or cut-and-paste writing, to be precise) in work submitted by students.

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The Andrew Reynolds book promotion PROJECT


Would YOU allow an Award Winner Entrepreneur Andrew Reynolds SURREY England of Bookingline Ltd, Unit 12 Tilbury Close, Caverhsham, Reading Berkshire RG4 5JF, United Kingdom show YOU...

How To Create Multiple Streams of Income from your LAPTOP, TABLET OR SMART PHONE.

Pleaae don't take this the wrong way, but a general rule of thumb is that the...

Poor SPEND Money As Fast As They Can And The Wealthy INVEST Money As Fast As They Can!

Think about it. You simply cannot create a certain quality of life by taking actions opposed to the creation of that life. It's impossible.

What the money is being spent on is immaterial, th epoint I'm making is that wealthy individuals simply do not become wealthy by wasting their money. They make it work for them not against them.

"We Become What We Think About Most of the Time..." However you put it, these words are so true. If you keep thinking the way you do, little will change in your life.

Change your thoughts - your dominant thoughts - and this WILL naturally lead you to take the action you need.


In fact, if I were right now in the position many find themselves in of having looked into virtually every possible way you can think of to make money online, but never been able to actually make it work,

This is the one business I think I'd follow because not only is it a real no-brainer but the potential is just huge.

So what is it? Well it all centres around something which you've probably used lots of times in the past - in fact, something which you're almost sure to be using quite a few times this month especially. And that's...


REPLACE YOUR OLD THOUGHT PATTERN When you find yourself thinking of things you don't want in your life, interrupt those thoughts and replace them with thoughts about what you do want.

Get in the habit of saying the word CANCEL as soon as you think about something you don't want and replacing it with what you really want.

This exercise may seem fairly trivial to you, but it's the starting point you need. It's the one thing which will help you to begin to shift the patterns of your thoughts and thus in time your life.

It's something very easy to do, but you need to do this CONSISTENTLY on a daily basis day in day out. Now this isn't as simple in practice as it sounds.

Try it and I think you'll be surprised that after a day or two you stop doing it. You'll struggle to even get it through to the end of the week.

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 Guardian Bookshop
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Customer Rating:
9.3 (230 votes)
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What others are saying about Andrew Reynolds

Watch and listen the feedback from Andrew Reynolds students at the Award Winning Entrepeneurs Bootcamp at London's O2 Arena, which raised over £700,000 for the Make A Wish foundation children's chairty.

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Copy an ordinary guy who used this Proven Money-Making System to Bank Million! The entrepreneurs bootcamp Andrew Reynolds book promotion Project.

Self-employment is at a 40-year high!

Today, Self-employment is at a 40-year high, but why are so many people choosing to be their own boss?

On Tuesday 29th December 2015, BBC News interview a 17-year-old entrepreneur running three cash on demand businesses and making $720,000 a year.

The 17-year-old entrepreneur name is Ben Towers, who is running three businesses at the age of 17. Ben Towers set up his own Internet website design business at the age of 11 and today he is making $720,000 a year.

This is the same thing Andrew Reynolds Copy This Idea is preaching. A desire to work for yourself is not the only reason the number of self-employed workers is increasing/soaring.

Fact is smartphones are changing the world and the way we make money at a rate never before seen. Miss this and you will be left behind regardless of what business, enterprise or opportunity you end up in.

For the first time in history smartphones have even OVERTAKEN laptops/computers as UK internet users' NUMBER ONE way to go online.

It's Drastically Changing The Way We Shop, Bank, Watch TV, Communicate And Make Money... The Rise is UNRELENTING!! Bottom Line, Smartphones and Tablets Have Become The HUB of Our Daily Lives...

Do you realise that most smartphone users for instance check their phones WITHIN 5 MINUTES of waking? Whilst 4 OUT OF 5 smartphone users do so WITHIN 15 MINUTES of waking. What Do You Do When You First Wake Up?

You can watch the BBC News interview of Ben Towers at website
Ben Towers
Ben Towers

Again on Wednesday 30th December 2015, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme interview English bussinessman and investor - Chairman/Founder Virgin Group Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, who said...

I changed nappies while running my business at home.

Sir Richard Branson says working from home on his Cash on Demand system business, he was able to take care of his children and change nappies while running a multi-million pound business.

Talent or hard work? Sir Richard reveals secret of his success.

As entrepreneur working dads or working mums, I have always worked from home, I have never worked from an office.

Imagine, my kids would be crawling around on the floor while I was having meetings. I've been changing nappies while I was talking to somebody on mine business cash on deman system.

There is no GoToMeeting UK those days or Free Online Meetings Video Conferencing and Meeting Tools.
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

UK (United Kingdom) Entrepreneurs Tended to Sell Up Business Earlier Than Their US Counterparts

UK may be considered the world leader in e-commerce, why do UK entrepreneurs tended to sell up their business earlier when compared to their US counterparts?

There was no reason why a hundred billion pound tech start-up companies could not be launched in the UK.

United States of America (USA) has learn a great lesson that when a start-up tech companies grows, they can become very, very big.

If you have a strong franchise product that's growing quickly, you're probably better off waiting a while before selling. This lesson could easily be learned in UK.

The key to any successful start-up was the product. The only thing that matters is the product quality.

In the age of social media, lean distribution models are replacing big marketing and advertising budgets, which means start-ups can compete more easily with more established, big companies.

For example, if you have a team of three people with and strong engineering lead and a vision, you should be able to raise funds from friends and family, crowd-funding and early venture groups.

Without someone with a vested interest in the company to build the app or technology product, start-ups tend to struggle.

Hence, it is imperative to having someone in-house, rather than going to a third party developer, is vitally important.

Alex Becker (AB Online Business Academy) - The man behind Source Wave, The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World's Richest People Market Hero Automation software & Alex Becker Book - The 10 Pillars of Wealth is a New York Time Best Sellers list.
Alex Becker
The Alex Becker Academy Charter

Like Andrew Reynolds, Alex Becker is an American Tech Entrepreneur, Business man and SEO expert. Alex Becker's Source wave business generates over $5+ Million a year.

Alex is now teaching people how exactly he have scaled Source Wave ( to a 5 million plus a year level business. Which is called Alex Becker Academy - The break down of everything Alex Becker knows and use to build million dollar business online.

For Beginners Who Want To Build A REAL Online Business and Veterans Who Want To Scale To 7 Figures.

The Alex Becker Academy Charter ( will show you:-

  • Alex Becker exact advertising strategies, e.g. alex becker seo & amlin
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  • Alex Becker's selling tactics, marketing, software, EVERYTHING

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DEDICATION: is dedicated to all who aspire to FIND a better way of life, instead of stuck in a job you hated.

You may have to go over a few potholes, but as long as you stick to following this path of doing business, you'll reach your goal.

All you need to do is emulate someone else's work and then DO IT!

Everything you are about to read has been tested and used by countless successful business owners and entrepreneurs throught the world, such as

Bill Myers of Bill Myers Online, Product Developers, publishers, writers, independent video producers & entrepreneurs
Gary Halbert of The Gary Halbert Letter, Greatest copywriting legend
Jay Abraham of the Abraham Group, an American business executive, conference speaker and author
Andrew Reynolds of Bookingline Ltd, Video Business with Amazon Kindle, WHSmith, Waterstones workshop
Peter Sun of Peter Sun Direct Marketing Milldona Group
Claude C. Hopkins of Scientific Advertising
John Carlton of Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel, the most ripped-off writer on the Web
Frank Kern of Internet Marketer Businessman, Copywriter, a successful entrepreneur, internet marketer and business consultant from the USA
Ken McCarthy of ken mccarthy system seminar, Business advice, inspiration, Marketing insight, an American activist, educator, entrepreneur and Internet commercialization pioneer.
Armand Morin is an international speaker, Author, Strategist and trainer, Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority.
Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, Jay Conrad Levinson , and many, many others.

Welcome to Copy This Idea Free Book - You will find lists of must must read - books & magazines of other people's ideas.

They're brilliantly presented "how-to" guide for people who really want to change things.

Copying is incredibly useful (especially successful people) - it's quick, it's easy and it gets results.

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Andrew Reynolds Copy This Idea

A Practical Approach to copy this idea free book from Andrew Reynolds.

Comprehensive Copy This Idea Workshop

The Copy This Idea Book is always a work-in-progress website.

Each new day brings to mind a new ideas, the great big ideas, the fantastic little ideas and lots and lots of in between ideas, that will help anyone in business to be better providers of their business.

No matter how large or small your home based business, no matter what product or service yousell, you must first calculate the "Lifetime Value" of your customer.

Once you know it, you can decide exactly what you can afford to spend to bring in a new customer - and the best way to go about it.

In a nutshell the lifetime Value of a customer is...

The average purchase value, multiplied by the number of times they buy from you in a year, multiplied by the number of years they remain your customer.

CopyThisIdea Book is NOT FOR THOSE in debt or struggling financially and it is not a "Get Rich Overnight" potion.

The whole purpose of the book is set you up to buy into his "inner circle", "Masterclass workshop", "Entrepreneurs Bootcamp" and successfully people, so you can copy them and become successful yourself.

The copy this idea book is for those of Seriously Looking for a change and eager to set up something they can do from home in their own time, this is the perfect education.

Yes! Of course it involves some effort and future expenditure (depending on which route you take) but which business venture doesn't? and where else can you find tried and tested techniques that actually work?

Reading CopyThisIdea book will probably mark a turning point in the lives of thousands of business people, large and small.

A turning point not only because of vastly increased profitability but also because it will take out the uncertainty of survival of so many business people. It's simply a guarantee for success. Last updated: The Cash on Demand By Andrew Reynolds Review & Copy These Ideas month subscription with MOBILE BUSINESS BOOTCAMP